Kispiox River Watershed Stewardship Decision Support Tool
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Results of the 2023 Equivalent Clearcut Area (ECA) analysis for the Watershed Management Areas (WMAs) at multiple Watershed Management Levels (WMLs) for the Kispiox River Watershed with respect to Peak-Flow-Sensitivity (PFS) thresholds for risk categorization. The ECA analysis was completed for SkeenaWild Conservation Trust by Eclipse Geomatics Ltd in April 2023. PSF assessment work was completed by SKR Consultants Ltd. and Northern Habitat Solutions in 2020, which computed PFS scores and ECA risk categories for Watershed Management Areas (WMAs) at multiple WMLs in the Kispiox River Watershed Atlas Group. The WMAs are themed by the results of the ECA analysis.

Additional forestry and old growth layers are included for context and can be turned on by clicking the eye icon on the respective layers in the layer menu.

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Kispiox River Watershed
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