Consolidated Cutblocks - May.2018
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The consolidated cut blocks dataset spatially depicts crown land cut blocks across the Province of British Columbia and provides the estimated year of harvest for each cut block. Full dataset available on DataBC

Publication Date
Vector Data
Land Use and Development
information used for appropriate actions for future use of the land. Examples: land use maps, zoning maps, cadastral surveys, land ownership
Northwest BC
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Maintenance Frequency
Data Is Updated Every Year
Data Quality

The consolidated cut blocks dataset was designed to assist the Timber Supply Analyst in the Timber Supply Review process. Efforts were made to remove forest reserves areas from the data but it cannot be assumed that these areas were removed in all cases. Data with Harvest dates before 2012 or that have geometry taken from the WHSE_FOREST_VEGETATION.RSLT_OPENING_SVW or WHSE_FOREST_VEGETATION.RSLT_ACTIVITY_TREATMENT_UNIT datasets did not have reserve areas removed due to limitations in the data. As a result, this dataset should not be used to officially determine how much area has been logged every year.

Supplemental Information

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Spatial Representation Type
vector data is used to represent geographic data

Layer WMS GetCapabilities document

Attribute Name Label Description
OPENING_ID OPENING_ID OPENING_ID is a system generated value assigned by RESULTS to uniquely identify the opening. Opening_IDs are included in the VRI to identify cutblocks. ***Note 1. The Landsat change detection data does not have an Opening ID. 2. Some opening IDs in th
DISTURBANC DISTURBANCE_START_DATE Derived from the first reported disturbance activity reporting. This date is used to calculate the silviculture obligation milestones. ***Note The Landsat change detection data does not have a Disturbance Date.
DISTURBA_1 DISTURBANCE_END_DATE Derived from the last disturbance activity reporting record based on the disturbance activity's completion date. ***Note The Landsat change detection data does not have a Disturbance Date.
Data_Sourc Source of Data DATA_SOURCE is the highest priority source of data for the disturbance polygon. The order of priority used is VRI, RESULTS, and then Landsat Change Detection.
Notes Notes More detail about the source of the cut blocks. For example, this field describes whether a cut block’s shape comes from the RESULTS Forest Cover table, RESULTS Opening SVW table or RESULTS Activity Treatment table.
HARVEST_YE HARVEST_YEAR HARVEST_YEAR is the year of harvest, derived from the disturbance end date of the data source or from the year the disturbance was detected using Landsat change detection.
AREA_HA AREA_HA The area in hectares of the cut block
Creation_D Creation_Date
Shape_Leng Shape_Length
Shape_Area Shape_Area

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