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This layer shows tream routes. Each stream channel is represented by a single line based on the 1:20,000 scale, clipped to Northwest BC.

Publication Date
Vector Data
inland water features, drainage systems and their characteristics. Examples: rivers and glaciers, salt lakes, water utilization plans, dams, currents, floods, water quality, hydrographic charts
Northwest BC
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Maintenance Frequency
Data Is Updated As Deemed Necessary
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Spatial Representation Type
vector data is used to represent geographic data

Layer WMS GetCapabilities document

Attribute Name Label Description
linear_fea LINEAR_FEATURE_ID A unique numeric identifier used to link the arc to the database.
watershed_ WATERSHED_GROUP_ID An automatically generate id that uniquely identifies the watershed group feature.
edge_type EDGE_TYPE A 4 digit numeric code used by the Freshwater Atlas to identify the various types of water network linear features. eg. 1050.
blue_line_ BLUE_LINE_KEY Uniquely identifies a single flow line such that a main channel and a secondary channel with the same watershed code would have different blue line keys.
watershe_1 WATERSHED_KEY A key that identifies a stream system. There is a 1:1 match between a watershed key and watershed code. The watershed key will match the blue line key for the mainstem.
fwa_waters FWA_WATERSHED_CODE A 143 character code derived using a hierarchy coding scheme. Approximately identifies where a particular stream is located within the province.
local_wate LOCAL_WATERSHED_CODE The 143 character code similar to the fwa watershed code that further subdivides remnant polygons to provide an approximate location along the mainstem.
watershe_2 WATERSHED_GROUP_CODE The watershed group code associated with the polygon.
downstream DOWNSTREAM_ROUTE_MEASURE The distance, in meters, along the route from the mouth of the route to the feature. This distance is measured from the mouth of the containing route to the downstream end of the feature.
length_met LENGTH_METRE The length in meters of the linear object.
feature_so FEATURE_SOURCE The source of the arc; where the feature was obtained or modified. eg. linear stream.
gnis_id GNIS_ID The BCGNIS (BC Geographical Names Information System) feature id.
gnis_name GNIS_NAME The BCGNIS (BC Geographical Names Information System) name associated with the GNIS feature id.
left_right LEFT_RIGHT_TRIBUTARY Describes which side of the local mainstem this tributary enters on. "LEFT" or "RIGHT" is assigned to all main-flow streams based on the angle of entry of the stream to its parent stream.
stream_ord STREAM_ORDER The calculated modified Strahler order.
stream_mag STREAM_MAGNITUDE The calculated magnitude.
waterbody_ WATERBODY_KEY The waterbody key of the waterbody the edge is contained within.
blue_lin_1 BLUE_LINE_KEY_50K The best matched blue line key from the 1:50K Watershed Atlas.
watershe_3 WATERSHED_CODE_50K The hierarchical identifier from the 1:50K Watershed Atlas associated with the blue line key 50k.
watershe_4 WATERSHED_KEY_50K The 50K watershed key associated with the blue line key 50K from the 1:50K Watershed Atlas.
watershe_5 WATERSHED_GROUP_CODE_50K The 50K group code associated with the 50K blue line key from the 1:50K Watershed Atlas.
gradient GRADIENT The gradient of the stream.
feature_co FEATURE_CODE FEATURE CODE contains a value based on the Canadian Council of Surveys and Mapping's (CCSM) system for classification of geographic features.
geometry_l GEOMETRY

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