OGM Map 4: Ancient Forests
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This map aligns with Map 4 of the BC Old Growth Technical Advisory Panel's Old Growth Maps (OGM) clipped to northwestern BC.

Ancient Forests includes forests that have developed without a stand-replacing disturbance for many centuries or millennia. The Panel mapped forest identified as over 400 years old in ecosystems with rare stand-replacing disturbance and over 250 years with more frequent disturbance. Ancient Forests are also included on the  Priority Deferral Map (Map 1).

Further details on the methodology and links to full datasets may be found at the Skeena Salmon Data Centre.

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British Columbia , Northwest BC , Skeena Watershed and Ocean Approaches , Skeena Estuary and Ocean Approaches , Skeena Watershed (Freshwater) , Babine Lake Watershed , Babine River Watershed , Bulkley River Watershed , Upper Bulkley River Watershed , Kalum River Watershed , Kispiox River Watershed , Lakelse Watershed , Lower Skeena Watershed (West of Terrace) , Middle Skeena Watershed (Sicintine Kuldo) , Morice Watershed , Skeena Watershed Headwaters , Sustut River Watershed , Zymoetz River Watershed
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