OGM Map 2: Big-Treed Old Growth
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This map aligns with Map 2 of the BC Old Growth Technical Advisory Panel's Old Growth Maps (OGM) clipped to northwestern BC.

Big-treed old growth is naturally rare. And, since it has been heavily targeted by harvesting, big-treed old growth is now very rare compared to its historic distribution, putting it at extremely high near-term risk. The Panel mapped the biggest-treed remaining old growth (measured by stand height and diameter) in each ecosystem. Big-Treed Old Growth shows biggest-treed remaining old growth up to a default target consistent across all ecosystems while priority areas with reduced targets for ecosystems at lower risk are included as Prioritized Big-Treed Old Growth (Map 1 and Map 3).

Further details on the methodology and links to full datasets may be found at the Skeena Salmon Data Centre.

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British Columbia , Northwest BC , Skeena Watershed and Ocean Approaches , Skeena Estuary and Ocean Approaches , Skeena Watershed (Freshwater) , Babine Lake Watershed , Babine River Watershed , Bulkley River Watershed , Upper Bulkley River Watershed , Kalum River Watershed , Kispiox River Watershed , Lakelse Watershed , Lower Skeena Watershed (West of Terrace) , Middle Skeena Watershed (Sicintine Kuldo) , Morice Watershed , Skeena Watershed Headwaters , Sustut River Watershed , Zymoetz River Watershed
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